Dreams and Gasoline
Artist: Rob Baird
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Dreams and Gasoline Lyrics

I'm just gonna fade away
no I can't stay here if I wanna stay sane
guess I'll leave down those streets of gold
all turned to rust as I grew old

she don't wanna be a back ground girl-
says shes ready for the big ol' world
well her daddy says get you a CPA
little darlin you've got bill's to pay

but she, don't wanna away
no she, don't wanna fade away

so baby lets get out of Abilene
cause we both know there ain't single thing
left for us that we can't find
out there between the highway lines

yeah were, just gonna fade away
yeah were, just gonna fade away

come on baby kiss your momma goodbye
leavin here is worth the tears she'll cry
this ain't where their gonna dig my grave
cause I ain't gonna fade away

Meet me out on highway 84
between the fillin station and the liquor store
pack your bags a little heavy this time
we'll go see what we cant find
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