"Beyond the Sunset"

On Nashville Season 6 Episode 16, Deacon gets an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream, while Daphne prepares for the final round of Nashville's Next.

"I Don't Want to Lose You Yet"

On Nashville Season 6 Episode 15, Scarlett and Sean organize a benefit for the ranch, while Avery and Juliette come together after a medical scare.

"For the Sake of the Song"

On Nashville Season 6 Episode 14, Deacon and the girls grow concerned about Gideon, while Alannah learns more about Brad's inappropriate behavior.

"Strong Enough to Bend"

On Nashville Season 6 Episode 13, when a visitor comes to stay, Deacon deals with forgiveness and a new family dynamic, and Scarlett tries to help Sean.

"The House That Built Me"

On Nashville Season 6 Episode 12, with Alannah no longer a part of things, the band ends up floundering, while Deacon can't avoid a visit from his past.

"No Place That Far"

On Nashville Season 6 Episode 11, when Juliette discovers that Darius Enright's movement is not the happy utopia it appears, they refuse to let her leave.

"Two Sparrows in a Hurricane"

On Nashville Season 6 Episode 10, Daphne is recognized as a star in the making by Brad and a singing coach, while Avery's relationship with Alannah deepens.

" Pick Yourself Up"

On Nashville Season 6 Episode 9, Will frets about his future after his collapse while performing, while Brad gets a restraining order against Deacon.

"Sometimes You Just Can't Win"

On Nashville Season 6 Episode 8, Avery makes a decision while Daphne looks to establish her career, she auditions for a country music singing competition.

"Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound"

On Nashville Season 6 Episode 7, Gunnar questions his relationship with Alannah, while Deacon and Jessie run into Brad, and Avery visits Juliette.

Nashville Quotes

When it comes to love, if it's not meant to be there's nothing in the world that can make it happen but if it is, ain't nothing in the world gonna stop it.


Will: Yeah well, I'm not going to do it. I mean, the last thing I need is for people to see me around town with some swishy gay dude.
Gunnar: Did you seriously just say that?