The girl is having a moment. Whether it's good timing or bad, these shows are going to give you an opportunity to play your music on a bigger stage. Isn't that what you've always wanted?


The only person I owe anything to is Rayna.


We all write about heart break for a living and now that it's staring us in the face, it's like we're afraid of it. We judge it like it's strange or weird. This man just lost the love of his life. How's he supposed to act? We need to be there for him, not ask things of him.


One of the most amazing things in this world is when you get your shot. And it doesn't come when you want it to, and it never comes again.


She was my north, my south, my east, my west, my working week, my Sunday rest, my noon, my midnight, my talk, my song, I thought love would last forever but I was wrong.


Juliette: How're you holding up?
Maddie: I'm not. I just look like I am.

To living every day of your life.

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Deacon: I don't know who I am without her [Rayna].
Maddie: You're my dad.

Gunnar: What am I supposed to do, Scarlett? To win your trust back. Do I follow you around like a puppy? Do I challenge the guy to a duel because I'll do it, Scarlett, if that's what you want. I'll do anything, just tell me what you want me to do.
Scarlett: I don't know.

Gunnar: You realize I'm kinda screwed here?
Scarlett: How so?
Gunnar: If I put my foot down and tell you not to see him, you'll just resent me. If I turn my cheek and look the other way, you might just be fool enough to run off with the guy.

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Rayna: It's like an after thought, like a promise of something more.
Deacon: Like a coda?
Rayna: You're so smart babe. It's that last little thing you hear, that suddenly makes everything make sense. That's what this song should be.

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Maddie: I was thinking about what you were saying about how your mom was in and out of your life. My mom was the complete opposite.
Clay: You're lucky.
Maddie: Yeah, and I have done nothing but give her a hard time. I've done terrible things. Lied; run away; I even took her to court last year. But it's like, no matter what I did, she was always there for me and I think the reason I was able to do all this is because I knew deep down that we would never be separated.

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No I'm not alright. I'm disgusting.


Things get real, you get gone.