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Old Mythologies (guessing at a few words)
It's probably now that I need you the most
When I'm one half child and the other ghost
And one of 'em wants to play it close and the other to let you go
Time's criminal love heart won
And love defies everyone
Inside my skin, a skeleton is warming up his act
Though my body's my dog and my friend doesn't bite
Though he looks severe and erudite
A hundred degrees Fahrenheit he's as cool as an ermine
If one of these is a poison cup and my acceptance seems abrupt
But if you're gonna line 'em up, well I have to knock 'em down
Well there's nothing so wrong that what's right can't fix
Despite how blood and water mix and when a pony runs out of tricks and his work has just begun
Now lord, duty bade me fight
Just a lonely impulse of delight and balancing had brought to mind
The years to come, the years behind

Will I grow weary of the sun, remembering what I have done with old mythologies?
You gotta choose
You wanted the song to rescue us
Amy, what did you leave for us?
So we could get home
Solomon sang Sheba's grace and he kissed her soft and sulking face
If one of us has to leave this place, will the other come along?
We been on the round and round
Shared our kisses by the pound and chased our shadows on the ground
Spilled our cups in China town
Put up the moon, took down the sun
Played our songs for everyone
Remembering what we had done with old mythologies
You gotta choose
You wanted the song to rescue us
Amy, what did you leave for us?
So we could get home
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