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We're #1 Lyrics

thank you for the invitation
we're sure your show will be very nice
gonna see if we can make it but hey maybe
we can offer you some advice
no, we're not trying to talk down at you
it's from the goodness of the whole of our heart
but we can tell just by looking at you
that you better quit before you start
in the meantime i need some mean time
to wipe out any good will building up
check the score, we're #1
turn round now back where you're from
wrote this tune, soon everyone's gonna
check the score and see that we're #1
yeah you make a decent stand in
typically boring of course
and anyone who asks yeah well we feel
we've got to give them our full report
in the meantime i need some mean time
to break down the defenses of our enemies
one less person in dress rehearsal
one less hopeless dreamer
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