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Blair is upset because Chuck is immersed in his work. She goes to seduce him before a big business meeting and it's about to get really hot, but he blows her off and tells her he needs to focus on winning over Sean McPherson, the owner of a hotel club Chuck wants to buy.

Dejected, Blair immerses herself in a new cause - getting into the secret society that apparently wants her! She receives an invitation in the mail telling her all she needs to be initiated is to come up with this vintage photo from the Soethby's auction.

At his meeting, Chuck is given the cold shoulder from McPherson's assistant Daphne, who tells him that in order to even get his foot in the door, he'd better respect his past. He sees a Soethby's catalog with a photo flagged, and decides the best way to get in McPherson's good books is to bid on and win the photo for him.

It's the same photo, obviously. This ought to be good.


Things are going well with Serena and Carter. Well, until they are making out on the street and he gets accosted by some blonde who says they slept together last month after he used some lines on her. His credit card also gets denied at a hotel they stayed at. He says this is all not his doing, but are his old habits just not dying hard?


Vanessa grows suspicious that Scott does not actually go to NYU. This is confirmed by the registrar's office after V does some recon.

Scott calls his mom to let her know he's going to tell Rufus.


These two are going at it in bed as the episode opens, when Serena catches Dan on a walk of shame. He admits that he's been hooking up with G and it seems real now that people know. He tells G that it'd be better if there were no strings attached. Serena warns him G's up to know good.

Meanwhile, Dan puts together that Scott is the guy who wrote him about his piece in the New Yorker. He leaves her a voicemail that he is not who he says he is and then goes to meet her at the auction.


The two hotties finally decide to make their relationship public. In a big way. They suck face for the cameras as they arrive at ...


Dan tells Rufus that Scott might be a stalker or up to something. Vanessa tells Scott to just go for it and tell Rufus the truth.

Just then, Scott's mother shows up out of nowhere, to support him. She tells him that she's his mom and will always be his mom no matter what. Right as this conversation happens, Rufus confronts him and Scott confesses ... that Andrew was his brother. Yeah, he sort of choked and lied.

The bidding starts on the photo and Chuck and Blair are going down to the wire. But as they argue over who is going to back off once the stakes get really high, the photo is going, going ...

... SOLD! To Serena! Huh?

Yep, she outbid them both because she found out Chair was sabotaging Carter, setting him up with that girl and all the charges on his credit card. They admit that they've been following his shady moves for some time, and that they don't trust him. Serena explains that Carter helped track down her dad in Santorini and that's why she's with him.

Serena gives Blair the photo, and tells her she knows what she needs to do with it. Blair proceeds to give it to Chuck, to show him just how much she believes in him. It's very sweet.

As Serena hands over the photo, though, she notices Blair's secret society invitation ... and deduces that it's all a sham. Georgina made up the club and wrote the faux invite to mess with B. Serena confronts her and tells G that if she pushes hard enough Blair will push back.

Serena grabs Dan and leaves with him before he can find Georgina. Vanessa departs with them and Rufus, having left Scott and his mom behind.

S tells D what G pulled, and Dan tells Georgina that he thinks they should cool it for awhile. Scott tells Vanessa he needs to tell Rufus the truth on his own terms. He says he's going back to Boston as Vanessa pleads with him to return one day and tell him the truth. G lurks in the doorway at NYU as they hug goodbye ... then heads to Boston, presumably after Scott.

At McPherson's office, Chuck deduces that Georgina set him up to go after that photo. Daphne, the assistant, confirms it. He hands the photo to the head honcho and then leaves, dejected ... or is this just a blessing in disguise?

Chuck tells Blair that since she believes in him, he's ready to think a lot bigger - he's cashing out his shares of Bass Industries and is going to buy the whole hotel, not just the part he wanted to put a club in. He then invites her to go christen the penthouse. Amazing.

Serena and Carter make up and she invites him to breakfast with the fam.

As Carter leaves, he sees none other than Bree in a limo. Bree informs him that she is going to try to make good with her father, who is going to be very, VERY happy that she tracked Carter down ... and that if he wants to run, go for it. Her dad loves to hunt!

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Blair: How do you know?
Chuck: Because you believe in me.

I've booked the penthouse. What do you say we christen my legacy? Or do you need to be bribed?