Ideal Woman
Artist: William Shatner
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Ideal Woman Lyrics

I want you to be you
Don't change because you think I might like you to be different
I fell in love with you
I don't want you blonde
I don't want you not to swear
Not to sweat
It's you I fell in love with
Your turn of phrase
Your sensitivity
Your irrational moods
Well, maybe that could go
But everything else
I want you to be you
I want you to dance whenever you feel it
Up by the bandstand
In the parking lot
Up on the table
Well, maybe the table can go
But I want you to be you
I love what you wear 'cause you're wearing it
That shawl
That clinging dress
The svelte black jacket
Those leopard capris
Well, maybe not the capris
But I want you to be you
I love what you eat
You want yogurt?
You got yogurt!
It's yours!
Chewing gum?
Chew away!
I just want you to be you
Spit out the gum, it doesn't work
When you sleep, you're the most beautiful
In the moonlight your soft skin glows
Your hair sprawled on the pillow, a vision
The murmuring breath
The slight snore
The slight snore
I want you to be you
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