The Leftovers Season 1 Episode 3 focused solely on Reverend Matt Jamison. What did you think of having a character driven episode?

Reverend Matt Jamison
Reverend Matt Jamison
Reverend Matt Jamison
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The Leftovers Quotes

Kevin: We got a problem. We need to keep it between you and me.
Laurie: OK
Kevin: Dogs are taking on human form and infiltrating the highest positions in the federal government.

John: What's going on?
Kevin: Well, John, I'm glad you asked because what's going on is Matt and your son are writing a gospel about me.
John: Oh.
Kevin: Oh?
John: I shot you in the chest, point blank, and you got up and walked back into town. Didn't even go to the hospital until the next day.
Matt: You tried to drown yourself, and an earthquake saved your life.
Michael: You drank poison, I buried you and you went to the other place. You came back.
Kevin: You told them about the hotel?
Michael: It seemed important.
Kevin: I'm not, um, I can't die.
Matt: Of course you can. But just not here.
Kevin: What?
Matt: Here. You can't die here, in Miracle.
Kevin: And that twisted shit is exactly why your wife is leaving you.
Matt: If you come to me but cannot leave your family, you cannot be my follower.
Kevin: Is that from your book?
Matt: No, Kevin, that's Jesus.
Kevin: I'm not fucking Jesus.
Matt: I'm not saying you are, but the beard looks good on you.