And I understood that here, in this place, they were the lucky ones. In a world full of orphans, they still had each other. And I was a ghost. I was a ghost who had no place there. And that, Kevin, is when I changed my mind.


Nora: How did you find me, Kevin?
Kevin: I'm on vacation and I saw you ride by on your bike.
Nora: I can't do this.
Kevin: Why not?
Nora: Because it's not true.

Kevin: Nora? Kevin. Kevin Garvey. I don't know if you remember me. I was the Chief of Police in Mapleton. We didn't know each other really well. We only talked a couple times, really. There was this dance. A Christmas dance. At the high school? We had a really nice conversation. In the hallway. I don't expect you to remember. It was a really long time ago.
Nora: What are you doing?
Kevin: Well, I've been kinda wandering around Australia on vacation. Kinda gettin' off the grid. Kinda avoidin' the touristy stuff. I like to get a little lost, you know. Anyway, I was in that little town down the road, and I saw you riding your bike, and I thought to myself, holy shit, I think that's Nora Durst, and here you are.
Nora: That's not what happened.
Kevin: Sorry?
Nora: You showed a picture of me to the nun at the convent; that's how you found out where I lived.

Kevin: That's how I found you, Nora. I refused to believe you were gone.
Nora: You want some tea?
Kevin: What?
Nora: I was gonna make some tea. You want some?

Nora: And I knew that if I told you what happened that you would never believe me.
Kevin: I believe you.
Nora: You do?
Kevin: Why wouldn't I believe you? You're here.
Nora: I'm here.

My name is Nora Elizabeth Jamison Durst. I was born on November 11, 1979. This is a copy of today's paper because today is the day I'm leaving to be with them. I'm leaving to be with them, Erin and Jeremy. I'm ready to go now.


Matt: Is that a person?
Doc: That's a fossil. The person is gone.
Nora: Maybe they'll let you keep mine.

Nora: You drive me fuckin' nuts but you've always been a great gecko, Matt.
Matt: If I was a great gecko, I'd be trying to talk you out of this.
Nora: You're great because you're not trying.

Nora: How are Jill and Tom?
Kevin: You remember my kids' names?
Nora: Yeah, I remember.
Kevin: That's a little creepy, but I am impressed.

Senior: I thought you were gone. It was raining so hard, and I got scared, so I came up here.
Kevin: OK.
Senior: I don't think I'm ready to come down. Now what?

Secret Agent Kevin: Take this thing out of me.
President Kevin: Why?
Secret Agent Kevin: So we can't ever come back here again.

We fucked up with Nora.

Secret Agent Kevin

The Leftovers Quotes

They're heroes because nobody's going to come to a parade for "we don't know what the fuck happened" day.


Tom: You know Mr. Witten, you don't have to be such a dick. You're gonna forget you ever felt this way.
Congressman Witten: What way?
Tom: Burdened.