Emma: Glad you decided to join us.
Alyssa: Sorry, I just really didn't wanna be here.

For years, witches have been persecuted for being different. Even dangerous. Coven Day is an opportunity for all of us to celebrate, and to take pride in being a witch. To learn about the individual covens that make up our magic community.


Lizzie: Dad, where are we?
Alaric: We're in a prison world.
Josie: I thought you said the worlds would be identical.
Alaric: It's not the one you made today. It's the one you made when you were kids.
Josie: Why are we here?
Alaric: I'm guessing Alyssa Chang wants to teach me a lesson.
Lizzie: For what?
Sebastian: The miseducation of young minds.
Lizzie: Sebastian?
Sebastian: Hello, Elizabeth. Fancy meeting you here.

I don’t want you to be the hero — the hero’s never the one left standing.


I understand that you're angry. Believe me. I get it.


Katherine: I'm sorry, Delilah. I can't help but feel partially responsible. 
Delilah: You didn't know this was going to happen.
Katherine: But you did.

Rome: Let me ask you something. Do you think that my depression makes me less qualified to be a father?
Gina: No, of course not.
Rome: I want this baby more than anything, Gina, but I can't have my first act as a dad be a lie.

Hey mom, it took a while before you could talk about stuff too. Maybe she just needs more time.


Delilah: Sophie, wait. Sophie, I want to talk to you. 
Sophie: You killed dad!

Eddie: Most people can drink, and it's fine. But I can't, so I gave it up. It was hard, but not drinking made me a better husband, and it made me a better father. It makes me a better person.
Theo: I'm really proud of you, dad.

Danny: You know, you were the first one to know I was gay. Maybe before I knew. You told me when I was ready to tell you about Elliott, you were ready to listen. Remember? 
Gary: I do. 
Danny: Well, when you're ready to tell me that you're still in love with Maggie, I'm ready to hear it.

Eric: My brand is more cuddly but hard to get. A mystery wrapped in a cardigan.
Maggie: Oh yeah? How many dates have you been on?
Eric: Well, let me see, there was the one with ... none. Not one.