So Miguel walks and you're putting a victim on trial.


Rhonda: I have a question. Are you aware of the insane number of CEOs that are clinical psychopaths?
Anika: What is happening?

Cookie: What are you doing down there?
Lucious: Will you marry me?

Benson: The hospital just called.
Stone: Jorge Diaz?
Benson: Died on the operating table. What does this mean for Lourdes?
Stone: I have to charge her with murder.

Tiana: I'm pregnant.
Blake: Wow.

Lourdes: I didn't want any of this. I didn't ask for any of this.
Stone: You could have walked away.
Lourdes: I can never walk away. They said that if I run, they'll kill me.

Will your new CEO pass a drug test?


Eddie's going to pin Shine's murder on me. I've decided I'm going to turn myself in.


Fin. It's all good. I have a few apartments to go. And I'm gonna need you to tell Rollins to pick up Jenny from school because I'm gonna be a little late. Yep, all good. Everything's fine.


Benson: You can't forget the sound of his voice, or the way he grunted, or the smell. I have the same nightmares as you. I wake up in the middle of the night, shaking and gasping for air. But this is not the way to get justice.
Woman: Who would believe me?
Benson: I do.

Just so you know, you kill an NYPD lieutenant, you go to jail and you don't get out.


Benson: There's about 100 cops downstairs, Miss.
Woman: You don't need to know my name.
Benson: If we're going to talk like human beings, I do.