Jiya: If you think that scares me, then you don't know me very well.
Mason: Try to deceive me again, and we'll see how scared you get.

Rufus: Why's everyone looking like they want to kill us?
Reeves: Because two of us are black and one is Indian.
Rufus: So it's like the scary version of 'Blazing Saddles.'

Magnus: Believe me, this wasn't an easy decision. But you crossed a line! I won't let Raphael suffer for your bad deeds.
Camille: So this is about one little insubordinate vamp?
Magnus: You sired hundreds of vampires, your children, but as a warlock, I can have none. The Downworlders I take under my wing, they are my children. My family. I'm sorry, Camille. I'll do whatever it takes to protect them.
Camille: The fear of loneliness has always been your Achilles' heel.
Magnus: Don't!
Camille: You don't do well losing those you love, do you? I'm the only one you can count on to be here for you forever. You know that. That's why you love me, and you always will.

Seduction isn't a game. It's powerful, and power always has a cost. You have to be willing to be used, violated, culpable, even betrayed to successfully seduce an asset, but no matter how successful you are in completing your mission, waking up and accepting what happened the night before is one of the hardest parts of the job. Now, over the next few weeks, every single one of you will cross a line you never thought possible because you are the ultimate weapon to use on people you've never met, those you love, sometimes your country, and even yourself.


Alex: You think I want something from you, and the only way I can get it is to sleep with you? Do you know how archaic this whole scenario is? Like the only thing women have to offer is sex, and men are so dumb that they are going to give up anything to get it. I can get whatever I want without having to compromise myself, and if you couldn't, then you weren't a very good operative. You're saying no to a question I'm not asking, which means this is about what you want from me.
Owen: What is it I want from you?
Alex: Permission.

Hannah: All right, Parrish, what did you get yourself into this time?
Alex: Hannah? What are you doing here?
Hannah: I think the better question is, what are you doing here. The center of a conspiracy that no one magically knows about but you, again? Alex Parrish, national hero in the wrong place at the right time two years running.

The easiest way to pick someone up is from the bottom of the heap. You want information? Seduce your asset.


Hannah: This is prime Alex Parrish. Some crazy theory about a hidden terrorist with no ability to prove anything, just conjecture and intuition. You've said that all the terrorists are masked. Do you have x-ray vision? If you could just give me one name, just one, then you might be able to get out of here and help whatever's happening, but you can't, can you?
Alex: Ryan is a terrorist, Hannah.

So, right now, downtown, one group of rogue agents has taken another group of rogue agents hostage?


Alex: Evidence is evidence. Just because you don't see how it fits, doesn't mean it isn't important.
Hannah: Did you read that on a tea bag?

Whatever special division we've been picked for, whoever's running it, it's still for the CIA, for the greater good.


See people like you want to save the world, but it takes people like me to actually do it.