Jenny: He's safer with me unless you two went to nursing school while I removed his G tube.
Danny: What's a G tube?
Jenny: Exactly.

Danny: Don't move.
Tanaka: He's a little tense.
Jenny: No kidding.

Forget what I've told you about driving like a crazy man and get here.

Danny [to McGarrett]

Tanaka: This can't be a coincidence.
Danny: No, it can't be.

McGarrett: Why are the instructions in the trash can?
Danny: Because I didn't think I'd need the instructions to put together a child's bed.

He seemed nice. Want me to break his legs?


Josh: You got a plan?
Vincent: I'm not walking around this party shaking hands with everybody for no reason.

Abby: Okay, but I don't understand because I know you and Chad love each other.
Gabi: You act like that's the whole story. But it's not, okay? Chad and I, we got involved because you were not there. Think about that. I mean, he never cheated on you, it's not like we were sneaking behind your back.
Abby: I know that. And that's why I'm not angry with either one of you. I do not feel the least bit betrayed.
Gabi: And yet you're still ending your marriage.
Abby: Yeah. I am. Because marriage doesn't really work if someone's heart isn't totally in it, if they are harboring feelings for someone else.
Gabi: Have you ever heard about feelings changing or fading? Because it seems to me that if you don't spend time with someone, that if you don't talk to them, if you don't have that touch, yeah those feelings will go away.
Abby: Really? You really think that?
Gabi: Yeah.
Abby: Cause I've watched a lot of movies and I've read a whole lot of novels and people fall in love and they stay in love, Gabi. It doesn't matter how long they've been separated or if some other person comes into the picture.

Klaus: How the mighty have fallen.
Marcel: How the tables have turned.

Elijah: You've outdone yourself.
Klaus: I'm inclined to agree. It's such a shame these lovely linens will soon be wrecked with blood.

Hayley: I like her for what it's worth.
Freya: All the same, I should have told you she's still here. I'm sorry I didn't.

We were heading out and now we're throwing a party, I see.