Big Paul: You don't understand. If I sign, then he has got me. I mean, don't you remember the phone calls day and night? The visits, the repayment schedule, the bullying. That slowly, slowly sucks the life out of you until you are in a garage, at a party, stabbing yourself to death in the chest with a barbecue fork. It killed George. It killed him. And I can't do it. It'll kill me.
Gail: It's our son who will be killed!
Big Paul: I can't do it.

Getty: This better be good.
Bullimore: I regret I am unable to say, sir.
Getty: I've about had it with your "regrets," Bullimore. Who the fuck is it?
Bullimore: The president of the United States of America, sir.
Getty: Oh.

Getty: He made no attempt to negotiate at all! The boy has learned nothing.
Penelope: But I have. Finally. I couldn't leave until I knew Little Paul was going to be alright. But now he is. I can say goodbye. Goodbye, Paul. And good luck.

This is the final act. Like at the opera. They decide whether they want it all white, or drenched in blood. One last thing. I want it to snow. It has to snow.


Gail: No disrespect. But you're kinda strange, Chase.
Chase: I've been called worse.
Gail: But you're the kindest man I've ever met.

She would drag us to hell if she could get her son back.

Callen [to Sam and Hetty]

This is her son. I'm down on losing family members these days. I know you can understand it.

Sam [to Callen]

Kensi: I know this is your son, and maybe one day I'll understand.
Mosley: I hope to God you never do.

I'm going to rescue this kid and bring him back to his mom, because that's what I do.

Kensi [to Deeks]

Callen: We good?
Deeks: Awesome.
Sam: We're one big happy family.

There are no dogs. You know how our guys hate guard dogs.


Mosley: When were you going to tell me Deeks was in Mexico?
Hetty: He is? That rascal.