Ginny: Your teammates don't want you to go?
Mike: What about you?

Mike: Do you want to know why I'm leaving?
Ginny: You want to win a World Series?
Mike: That's true, but the team doesn't want me and that's okay. You know we're all expendable.

What happened to the rest of the guys? I walked out on a date.


Hey, Skirt...Call me.


You scored for Livan. Not the team.


Mike: I'm sorry your posterboy let you down.
Ginny: You're going to kill it in Chicago.
Mike: You know it.

Charlie: I swear to God, if this trade falls apart.
Oscar: You can tweet it was my fault. Hashtag I don't give a rat's ass.
Charlie: What are you doing?
Oscar: Not watching Mike Lawson's last bat on a flatscreen.

Mr. Alien Guy: There's been a recent emergence of metahumans on your planet.
Amaya: Wait a minute. He's talking about the JSA.
Mr. Alien Guy: We are here to determine if your kind is a threat.

Excuse me, Mr. Alien Guy.


Felicity: Hi. You all call for tech support?
Mick: Great. Saved by geeks.

Felicity: I can't see! Why can't I see??
Cisco: At least you're not throwing up.
Felicity: [Vomits]

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Felicity: This ship is...
Cisco: ...automatic
Felicity: ...hypnotic
Cisco: ...supersonic
Felicity/Cisco: Funky fresh!