Abigail: I didn't realize you and Eli were dating.
Gabi: You were the one who set us up, thought it was great, as I recall.
Abigail: I did.
Gabi: So why are you surprised that we're still seeing each other?
Abigail: I think it's probably pretty obvious.
Gabi: No, it's not obvious to me, unless you think that Eli and I are not a good match. But you played matchmaker, right?
Abigail: Don't play games with me, Gabi. You know that I left Chad so that the two of you could be together. So I'm sorry if you think it's a little strange that now you seem to be moving on with my cousin.

I'm really glad that you put this thing together, but I gotta tell you, having both boys here, tryin' to act like we're a family... yeah, it's making me nervous.


Joey: How's the move going?
Jade: Kind of slow, but don't worry. Everything'll be out by tonight.
Joey: No worries. There's no rush.
Jade: Actually, there is a rush. I don't want to be cluttering up your space anymore.

Paul: I think I might have something.
Sonny: Did Deimos try to replane?
Paul: Uh, maybe. Maybe not. See, I talked to this guy at a charter place, and he wasn't being very forthcoming. He didn't say no, but he didn't hang up. He just kept hinting that he might know something.
Sonny: He also kept hinting that he wanted some incentive?
Paul: Yeah. Exactly.
Sonny: Well, where is this place?
Paul: It's not far from here, just off Country Road L.
Sonny: All right. I'll grab the money, then we'll head over.
Paul: Sonny, no, you stay here. I'll go get it.
Sonny: No!
Paul: Sonny, isn't that why you hired me in the first place? To do the legwork? What if Deimos finds out you've been asking questions, bribing charter owners? You can't antagonize him any more than you already have. Eventually, Deimos is gonna find out what you're up to. Until then, just leave it to me.

Nat: We don't just work well together. The way we laugh, the way we talk...it's special.
Will: Well, we're good friends.
Nat: Are we, Will? Are we just good friends?
Will: Yes. That's exactly what we are.

We were making progress! I was trying to get her to admit herself voluntarily, to take ownership of the idea, so she'd be in the best state of mind for treatment. I needed to earn her trust for that, and now that chance is gone! You have to run around, sticking your nose, instead of letting me do my job!

Sarah [to Daniel, about Robin]

Sarah: How dare you admit Robin behind my back. She is my patient. You didn't examine her. You didn't treat her.
Daniel: You didn't see her apartment.
Sarah: I don't care what you saw! You should've come to me first.
Daniel: I didn't have time, Dr. Reese. She was leaving the hospital.
Sarah: Yes, because I gave her the night to think about it. I know she needs to be admitted!

Ethan: April, there's a good doctor inside Noah. But he has a way getting people to make things easier for him. And as long as they keep doing that, he's never gonna reach his full potential. I won't coddle him.
April: Who said anything about coddling?
Ethan: You just asked me to give him a pass on a patient.
April: Not a pass. Just stop being such a hard ass.
Ethan: Well, maybe if he had more hard asses in his life, he wouldn't have to leave Med to do his residency.

Will: Why would you go out of your way to make sure Natalie knew about a diagnosis that she couldn't have possibly done anything about?
Nina: I told you. She made a mistake. [walks away, then stops and turns back] And you know what? Anyone who refuses to learn from their mistakes is gonna repeat them.

Will: You have it in for Natalie?
Nina: What?
Will: Are you trying to make her feel bad because you think there was or is something between us?

Leah: What about Sam?
Nat: Your little brother?
Leah: Sometimes it's like mom and dad hardly notice him. Like he's not even there. Why should I get all the attention?
Nat: Your parents are worried about you because you're sick. I'm sure they love your brother just as much.
Leah: What about the baby? What's it gonna be like for him? I don't want everyone sad 'cause of me. I want us to be a regular family.

Ethan: You applied here for residency, right?
Noah: Yeah.
Ethan: Well, you're not going to get it by half-assing your way through your cases.