Rome: I hate my job. I hate it! I hate myself for doing it. I hate the people that I work with. It's soul-crushing. I want to quit my job, and I want to make my movie.
Regina: That's what you should do then.
Rome: What about money, Gina?
Regina: We don't have kids. We can sell this place, get something cheaper. We'll figure it out.
Rome: Yeah.
Regina: Yeah. I didn't realize it was this bad. I'm sorry I didn't see it. I should have seen it.

Will: What if I'd been wrong?
Elsa: Are you supposed to say stuff like that to a third-year medical student?

Sad news is, the review board looks at women a little differently. It is what it is.


Terry: I'm gonna have a lot of cases that break the wrong way, aren't I?
Daniel: Mm-hmm. But you know what? You're also gonna have a whole lot that won't.

Gwen: I was informed that there was an active Immigration and Customs Enforcement warrant on file for Mr. Calderon. So when the authorities asked permission to come on the property, I gave it.
Sharon: Did you even read this? They took Manny for a misdemeanor theft charge from 2010. Stolen items valued at $8.62. You gave permission for this?

Feeding the cat, really? That's what you're doing here?


One of the survivors that they interviewed said something that I have been thinking about, uh, a lot lately. She said, "It's not that I don't want to live, it's that I don't want to live like this."


Jay: Sometimes you gotta do things you don't wanna do. That's life.
Will: No. Screw the task force, screw Voight, and screw you.

Love is weird. We don't always get to choose who and how we love. Sometimes it just chooses us.


Delilah: Hey, you didn't have to embarrass my dad like that.
Jon: I was trying to keep him from giving a drink to my friend with a drinking problem.
Delilah: Oh, of course, answer the phone.
Jon: Hey, everything I do, I do for this family.

I need my refill. What is the big deal? I'm a lawyer with great insurance, not some junkie off the street. Or worse, some hombre that probably can't even speak the language.


It doesn't feel like you're protecting us. It feels like you're erasing him.