A maverick is an independent person who blazes their own path. There are women who got to where they are without needing help, and I admire them, but I am not one of them. I am very lucky to not be running Millennial on my own, I have an amazing partner who should be up here with me. A partnership like ours is rare, and sometimes challenging, but we never stand in each other's way personally or professionally because we know that we are better together.


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Younger Season 5 Episode 9: "Honk if You're Horny"
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Younger Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

You have the "it" factor. That's why I wanted to meet with you. What Grace Coddington was to Vogue, Diana Trout could be to Empirical.


Diana: That must have been good.
Enzo: It as.
Diana: I can always tell.
Enzo: Yeah?
Diana: Mhm. You make this little honk. Actually, it's not little, it's pretty big but don't worry, these pre-war buildings have very thick walls.