Brennan: (after seeing Booth hit a guy during a hockey game) I do not know how I feel about this.
Sweets: It's very primal.
Cam: I like it. Just a little too much.

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Temperance Brennan
Bones Season 4 Episode 12: "Fire in the Ice"
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Bones Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Sweets: Underneath your affable exterior, is a deep reservoir of rage ... my question is: You always have that under control?
Booth: You know if I didn't you'd be dead right now instead of just wincing.
Sweets: I'm not wincing.
Booth: Don't ever bring my old man up again. (Booth turns around and leaves the room.)
Sweets: Rats, I winced!

Hodgins: Could be the vic was drowned somewhere else and then dumped in the lake.
Cam: No drowning's not the way Booth would kill someone. (Wendell and Hodgins stare at her) Not ... that I actually suspect Booth. At all. (pauses)Quit ... staring at me.