Director: And cut. Hey, Butt Guy, what the hell are you doing?
Joey: Well, I'm showering.
Director: No, that was clenching.
Joey: Oh. Well, the way I see it, the guy's upset here, you know? I mean, his wife's dead, his brother's missing. I think his butt would be angry here.

Joey Tribbiani
Friends Season 1 Episode 6: "The One with the Butt"
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Friends Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Monica: So you guys don't mind going out with someone who's going out with someone else?
Joey: I couldn't do it.
Monica: Good for you, Joey.
Joey: When I'm with a woman, I need to know that I'm going out with more people than she is.

Rachel: Look! I cleaned! I did the windows, I did the floors... I even used all the attachments on the vacuum, except that little round one with the bristles, I don't know what that's for.
Ross: Oh yeah, nobody knows. And we're not supposed to ask.