Agent Perotta: Booth was right - you're like a portable polygraph.
Sweets: You didn't mean that in a good way though, did you?

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Bones Season 4 Episode 14: "The Princess and the Pear "
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Bones Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Valerie Daniels: You are far more ripped under those school-boy duds than one would think. Aren't you, Dr. Sweets?
Sweets: Yes.

Hodgins: What's with the long face there, sunshine?
Cam: Mr. Fisher just broke up with his girlfriend and he's feeling a little down.
Hodgins: What about me? My girlfriend and I broke up -- I gotta see her at work every day.
Fisher: Well, obviously it hasn't blackened your soul like it has mine.
Hodgins: There was some light charring.
Fisher: I'm dead inside.
Hodgins: Okay! You win. Happy?
Fisher: Not that I can ever remember.