Amenadiel: You can't kill her, mom.
Charlotte: Of course I can. I just push the button.

Ari: I had a nightmare.
Mrs. Gold: Was I with another man?
Ari: No, Vince was

Fuckin' Utah!


No more secrets.


You respect Jesus but not us?!


I heard a noise behind me. I turn around. Whack.


Noah: Where's Hiro Nakamura? Why does Erica have his sword?
Sidekick: Even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.
Noah: She has him, doesn't she?

Would a penis compliment make you feel better?

Tandy Miller

I think it just goes to show that being easy is pretty much all upside.


Nothing helps does it? Of course you don't answer. Cause you're DEAD!


He's like Switzerland -- minus the odd affinity for cuckoo clocks!

Jenkins [regarding Ezekiel]

Jasmine: Do you trust me?
Aladdin: Always, Princess.