Aidan: Look, Josh was attacked by a couple of vampires last night. Do you know anything about that?
Kenny: I sent them to kill him.

Aidan: Josh, I've never heard of a wolf who was able to turn at will. Not even purebreds.
Josh: I don't know what's happening to me.

Here's a hot tip. All leadership ever comes down to is either kill or be killed. Is that what you want?

Josh: Seriously, when's the administration going to catch on that you, me and Nora are like the worst nurses ever. Between the three of use we've taken like a combined 18 months leave in the last two years.
Aidan: Are you serious?
Josh: Yeah, thank God there's a nursing crisis in this country.

Sally: No, he has to be awake.
Aidan: Oh, Sally, come on. What's next? Are we gonna light him on fire?

You have an appointment at a day spa and you come back very, very cocky.

Susanna: All of this time, I never imagined you wearing a leather jacket.
Aidan: Yeah, I guess I've been in a rut these past couple decades.
Susanna: You speak differently.
Aidan: You're wearing pants.
Susanna: It has been a really long time.

Nora: What?
Aidan: Um...I can smell it? I'm sorry!
Nora: Oh my God!
Aidan: Now I'm horrified!
Nora: Is that like an ongoing skillset?
Aidan: No. Well...
Nora: So in all the time we've known each other and all the time we've lived together, you could...
Aidan: It just kind of comes with the territory of being a vampire! There's not much I can do about that.
Nora: Great!

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Josh: That’s pretty cool, you were just gonna let me do it, huh?
Aidan: You know when you spend over a century contemplating them you learn to read these things.

Nora: You really need to take a shower.
Aidan: Oh, you bet I do.

Josh: Hey you okay?
Aidan: Oh yeah! I am great, just great. I was going to go out and get us a keg.
Josh: Perfect.

More than blood lust. I mean, why kill anyone when you can turn them?

Being Human Quotes

Every human spends a night or two on the dark side and regrets it. But what if you only exist - on the dark side?


We're all hiding something, aren't we? From the moment we wake, look in that little mirror, all we do is spin our little lies.