I'm not going to hold on to you like I held onto Nikita.

Amanda: Percy is busy; otherwise I'm sure he'd trigger your kill chip himself.
Alex: That's too bad; I would have loved to see his face one last time.
Amanda: Before you go...
Alex: Let me guess, you'd like to ask me a few questions?
Amanda: Actually just one. Why?

Percy: Off to Oversight. Off to see the wizards.
Amanda: Before it's too late?
Percy: Oh, it's already too late.

I am done, and so is Alex. She's Nikita's mole.

Amanda [to Percy]

Alex, one more thing. Are you familiar with Division cochlear implants? Division's been developing them for quite some time. They go into the subjects' ears and are virtually undetectable, even the subjects they're planted on. How much longer did you think you could hide who you really are, Alexandra?

Jaden: I am kind of nervous to get back out there.
Amanda: You don't have to fear the outside world, Jaden. They have to fear us.

Amanda: Alex, I trust you'll remember the lessons we've shared here.
Alex: I will always treasure them.
Amanda: I thought so.

Alex: Are you still recommending me for cancellation?
Amanda: No.
Birkhoff: Lie.

Amanda: You of all people should know the consequences of falling in love with an agent.
Michael: Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.

I'm afraid we might have another Nikita on our hands.

In her dream state Alex projects a mysterious female nemesis was chasing her. She kept repeating "it's her, she's coming". At first I thought she meant me, then Nikita perhaps, but now it makes perfect sense. Given her guilt about Thom, the answer is obvious, she's afraid of herself.

Amanda: Alex is hiding something about her past; she has been since the moment we recruited her.
Michael: Well this is your chance to find out; take a crowbar to her subconscious.
Amanda: Division agents don't get to keep secrets; not from me.

Nikita Quotes

What I did, I did to win her. I will always want her by my side.


Who made you, Amanda?


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