Shut up and get in the TV.

Artie: We’re family here. None of us have to go through anything alone. Ever.
[Myka hugs Artie and starts to cry] Artie: Damn it!

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Please don’t hug me. The only thing that could make this worse is you seeing me crying.

Do you have something else to do besides look doubtful?

Pete: Claude, I've got an idea.
Claudia: It's a great idea.
Artie: Pete has an idea?
Claudia: He's a smart guy when he's not thinking about cookies or boobies

Mrs. Frederick: Paracelsus has the Warehouse.
Steve: And he has Claudia.
Artie: How?

Artie: Pete, moderate your Comic-Con panel later!
Myka: What's Comic-Con?

Oh, I'm fine the floor broke my fall!

Steve: This building is old and falling apart.
Artie: We have that in common!

Claudia: Great, well that explains everything! Except for the part where you said the Warehouse automatically expands.
Artie: That's right, surprise!

Yeah, you'll grow to hate that.

Claudia: Permission to save my brother?
Artie: Go. Save.