You guys ready to kick some super spy ass?

Division's dead, baby. Isn't it?

Michael: I guess there's a reason they called it Star Wars.
Birkhoff: Star Wars? This thing worked as well as the Phantom Menace.

Nikita: I'm the one with my ass on the line.
Birkhoff: I know. (Kisses Nikita on the lips) May the force be with you.
Nikita: Mikey, you can kick my ass when you get back. Okay, buddy?
Michael: Will do.

Fletch is the data whisperer here.

Pacemaker's back on line. Kill chip is dekillified.

Ah, bow down before Shadow Walker!

What, you mean our recurring game of Whac-A-Mole? Knock down Percy, up pops Amanda. Take out Amanda, Percy's back on top. It's never gonna to end. And, we're broke!

Sorry, but the Bank of Birkhoff is closed for business.

Birkhoff: Why are you looking at me? No. No. No to the power of no.
Nikita: Birkhoff, come on, haven't you always wanted to bankroll a revolution?

Oh, God, Percy, can't you just die already?

How was I supposed to know that Lex Luthor was in the building?

Nikita Quotes

What I did, I did to win her. I will always want her by my side.


Who made you, Amanda?


Nikita Music

  Song Artist
Elephant song Elephant Song The Enemy iTunes
Song Fuego Bomba Estereo iTunes
The step and the walk The Step And The Walk The Duke Spirit iTunes