Travis: Well, Dad. I'll always be here. I love you
Bobby: Swing and a miss, Trav. Swing and a miss.

Jules: Alright great the bet starts now
Bobby [entering]: J-bird!
Grayson: Wow, point five seconds. I just went twenty dollars
Bobby: Sounds like I was involved, want to go splitsies?

I just wanted us to have a thing like me and my dad did. You don't like golf, you don't like boats, you don't like throwing things at each others nuts. I just don't know what part of you is me

Travis: As a grown man you think it's a good idea to store most of your earthly possessions in the woods?
Bobby: Calm down, what's a squirrel gonna do with a blender?

Jules: I can't believe I was married to a guy who keeps his driver's license in a box
Bobby: A box marked important stuff

Travis: Good bye, I love you dad
Jules: Oh my god, did he just say I love you?
Bobby: I know, pretty gay right?

Cougar Town Quotes

Heads up tiny eyes. Once you go Andy all the rest is blandy.


Drums and guitar, you're so lucky.