You are my guardian angel, Emily. Lord knows where I'd be without you.

[to Ashley] You don't get to where we are by ignoring an opportunity.

We have what matters. We have our name, Daniel. We're Graysons. We stare down adversity. We rebuild brick by brick. You and I are going to show the world that when the hour is darkest the Graysons shine the brightest.

Conrad: You've sorely underestimated me.
Victoria: Huh, it's a habit of mine.

Conrad: If you're thinking of jumping, allow me to assist you.
Victoria: I'm not in the mood for your gallows humor.

Conrad: Now, now, now, before you turn me to stone with that look, you left me with little choice, my dear.
Victoria: And you have left me with a little bit of a migraine.

[to Victoria] And here I thought I knew all the skeletons in your closet by name.

Conrad: You are deceptively brilliant.
Ashley: I learned from the best.
Conrad: You meant Victoria, didn't you?
Ashley: Yeah.

Conrad: Our very own 'Joe the Plumber,' if you will.
Jack: You want me to convince the poor guy to vote for the rich guy?
Ashley: In the most reductive terms, yes.

[to Nate] As always the wife is the source of the issue, leaving the husband blissfully ignorant of the mess he'll have to answer for.

Conrad: Congratulations, Victoria. With one bullet you've slaughtered us all.
Victoria: The bitch had it coming.

Conrad: Amanda Clarke stopped by earlier today. Seems we have a rather extraordinary problem on our hands.
Victoria: I'll go first.

Revenge Quotes

Emily: It was kind of fun being your wingman.
Nolan: I taught you well, grasshopper.

Will you escort the ladies to the conservatory for petit fours and refreshments?