Korsak: He hogs the thing like he owns it.
Frost: Because one swipe from bear paws here will take out the whole system.

They're anti-women, anti-environment, and anti-AAA. Who is anti-AAA?

Maura: Society is slow to change even though 53% of women are the main bread winners in their household.
Frost: Why don't I have one of those chicks in my household?

If you touch my action figure again, I will break your face.

Jane: I saw you eating a contraband donut this morning.
Frost: You wellness snitch.

Frost: Me and Frankie are holding steady with the grudge.
Jane: That's productivie.

So the killer took the cake.

Korsak: Would you ever wear a skirt, Frost?
Frost: Where is this going?

Korsak: Oh man, these are new.
Frost: Yeah, new in 1995.

About three years ago at the corner of none of your business and don't ask.

Frost: So how does a white female cop get the confidence of a black kid from the hood.
Jane: I have mad skills.

Jane: He called me hysterical.
Frost: I'm surprised his balls aren't in his throat right now.