I would have had the same thought if you'd let me complete it.

I don't need a man to be happy.

Divya's Mom: I have been stopping by.
Divya: You have been stalking me.

I am going to sabotage them.

I expect you to be bothered.

You guys aren't back together again?

Don't you think one of you should consult me about what I want?

I will let you get back to shucking oyster. I am gonna go shuck Evan.

Acting vengeful? Didn't sound like you. Acting impulsively? Textbook you.

There's no escape like a good meal.

I guess you find strength and independence in the last place you want to look.

Oh, and Raj, given your parents my regards.

Royal Pains Quotes

Please be my friend, and let me be yours.


Julie Kingsley: (to her husband) Cut veggies, tea, and a Hank are no substitute for a hospital.
Hank: The Hank tried to tell him that.