May I have one of your hairs with the root ball attached, please?

Maura: I think we're a match.
Jane: You are not really my type.

Maura: Let's talk about his penis.
Jane: If we must.

Why was the word flamboyant on a second grade spelling test at a Catholic school.

The truth is easier than what she's imagining.

I hate working on live people. What if I kill him again?

Maura: What a powerful piece of street art.
Jane: What a powerful example of felony vandalism.

You do not guess, leap to concussion, speculate, theorize, wonder or tell me about your gut. Am I clear?

Even you look a little chunky in a flak jacket.

Maura: This microphone doesn't make me look like I have three breasts does it?
Jane: Hey, some guys are into that.

At least I don't play judge and jury and kill people.

If Paddy wanted Dean dead, he'd be dead.