Erin: Roast has been delivered.
Frank: A grateful family thanks you and a stubborn father apologizes to you.

Erin: I'll be honest. Being a lawyer is nothing like on TV. Cases aren't wrapped up in a week or an hour. And we don't always get the bad guy.
Kid: Then why do you do it?
Erin: Because I love that whatever happens, I know I've done my best to get them justice.

Frank: How would you feel if you met him on the street?
Erin: I'd feel fine... after I punched him in the nose.
Frank: But why?
Erin: Because of who his father is. The apple can't fall far from the tree, and that fruit is poisoned.

Danny: He was protecting his daughter!
Erin: Then he should have gotten her a lawyer. We do not accept false confessions in this office. And you two are damn lucky that I don't bring you up on charges for falsifying a report.

Nicky and Nicky, isn’t that so cute? I wanted to gouge my eye out with a fork.

Erin: He’s thirty, Anthony.
Anthony: Okay, how old is she?
Erin: Twenty-two.
Anthony: Is he a good guy? Is he nice?
Erin: He’s thirty.
Anthony: Does it seem like he treats her good?
Erin: It seems like he’s thirty.

Frank: How many times is that son of a bitch going to send you to take his heat?
Erin: You mean the District Attorney?
Frank: Yeah, if he’s going to pursue this ridiculous marijuana policy he ought to have the balls to show up himself.
Erin: Well, in that case, the right son of a bitch is here. It’s my policy, not his.

Erin: Every once in a while, as often as we can, there needs to be a green zone.
Nicky: But how do you just put aside whatever…
Erin: With a lot of effort because it’s important. Because it may just be the best tradition this family has.

Erin: You know how many times you and Jamie have come to me for search warrants or subpoena and you haven’t had everything to get it?
Danny: About as many times as you’ve said no.

Erin: Anthony, you are a victim of a crime. Now, what do we tell victims in this building?
Anthony: There’s no reason to feel shame because you’ve done nothing wrong.
Erin: Right. Now, do you believe that?
Anthony: Of course I do.
Erin: Then act like it.

Anthony: Didn’t I say to drop it?
Erin: Yeah, that’s a beauty to being the boss, I get to call the shots.

Anthony: Since when have orders stopped you?
Erin: Since they’ve been coming straight from the DA complete with sarcasm and not so veiled threats.