Nicky and Nicky, isn’t that so cute? I wanted to gouge my eye out with a fork.

Erin: He’s thirty, Anthony.
Anthony: Okay, how old is she?
Erin: Twenty-two.
Anthony: Is he a good guy? Is he nice?
Erin: He’s thirty.
Anthony: Does it seem like he treats her good?
Erin: It seems like he’s thirty.

Frank: How many times is that son of a bitch going to send you to take his heat?
Erin: You mean the District Attorney?
Frank: Yeah, if he’s going to pursue this ridiculous marijuana policy he ought to have the balls to show up himself.
Erin: Well, in that case, the right son of a bitch is here. It’s my policy, not his.

Erin: Every once in a while, as often as we can, there needs to be a green zone.
Nicky: But how do you just put aside whatever…
Erin: With a lot of effort because it’s important. Because it may just be the best tradition this family has.

Erin: You know how many times you and Jamie have come to me for search warrants or subpoena and you haven’t had everything to get it?
Danny: About as many times as you’ve said no.

Erin: Anthony, you are a victim of a crime. Now, what do we tell victims in this building?
Anthony: There’s no reason to feel shame because you’ve done nothing wrong.
Erin: Right. Now, do you believe that?
Anthony: Of course I do.
Erin: Then act like it.

Anthony: Didn’t I say to drop it?
Erin: Yeah, that’s a beauty to being the boss, I get to call the shots.

Anthony: Since when have orders stopped you?
Erin: Since they’ve been coming straight from the DA complete with sarcasm and not so veiled threats.

It’s our responsibility to seek out justice, not just more convictions.

If Monica had a legitimate reason why she chose not to prosecute then there’s no problem. If there isn’t, then I need to know.

Frank: At least I know one wedding present you're getting, your choice of precincts to transfer to.
Erin: Oh gee, Dad, every bride's dream.

Erin: It's okay if you don;t like Jack. A lot of people don't, including my entire family and, for the better part of the last eight years, me. So, if you don't like him, just say you don't like him.
Anthony: Okay, I don't like him.

Blue Bloods Quotes

Someone said, we are all just passing time and occupy our chair very briefly. The time we had with Linda was a gift. and we are all the better that she occupied her chair so well.


"By general law, life and limb must be protected, yet often a limb must be amputated to save a life, but a life is never wisely given to save a limb," Abraham Lincoln. This department is the life, Officer Whitman is a limb.