You fired a nuke as a warning but I'm the one who needs my head examined?

I envy you Marcus, I really do. Even at the end you're right where you want to be.

I am not lost. I know where I need to go but I cannot get there alone.

Sounds like you've got a little mutiny in your mutiny.

For the rest of us this is just a stop. For you this is your new home isn't it. Marcusstan. Population one.

He is scum of the earth and you're letting him show you off like he owns you.

My wife didn't die so you could become king to some third rate banana republic.

You want to jump in the sack? You want to screw the pain away?

I've got about 12 hours before they throw her in a hole somewhere.

You don't want to take orders from me, you can swim back to the island.

You get caught a lot. Ever think about doing a different line of work?

I don't pull rank Lieutenant. I have rank.

Last Resort Quotes

We aren't actually at war. Just make him realize how incredibly dead he'd be if we were.


Gentleman we have just surfaced in the middle of a highway. Let m know if things get busy.