I'm really hungry and I want to get drunk.

You've already left me twice and if you ever get shot and die I'll never forgive you.

When my partner leaves you never really quite know if he's coming back.

Nick: How long are you going to stay mad.
Gail: Six months. Six months!

Yeah well. Us is fine because us is amazing.

Chris: I feel like someone's breaking up the band.
Gail: Now that's just silly because we're not a band. But if we were, I would be Yoko. So you all should be celebrating.

About 20 minutes ago you were the muffin man now you look ill.

I have to prove that I'm not some tragic little girl who can't take handle herself.

Now every time you look at me you are going to be reminded of why your fiance died.

Apparently getting kidnapped by a serial killer can make you kind of edgy.

I take it back. Wingtips are terrifying.

Nick: Wanna go back to my place.
Gail: I'm allergic to your cheap sheets, remember?

Rookie Blue Quotes

There is absolutely no training that prepares you for life on the street.

Staff Sgt. Boyko

First rookie out of their cuffs drinks for free. Everyone else pays.

Oliver Shaw