Jack: Why am I so anxious?
Staci: Because you want to be liked. We all do, and we all will.

Ace: Jack, the worst thing that ever happened to me happened today.
Jack: Worse than when dad shot himself?
Ace: Second worst. An old guy threw shit at me — into my mouth. I gagged, swallowed some. Horrifying. Giggle if you want to, but the old me would have hit the guy. Wham. Today? Time slowed down. Jack, I’m tellin’ ya. The Condamned has given me access to some self connected self awareness. Challenges like this are normal. Without challenges, how do we know we are growin’?

Jack: Fuck you.
Gully: Really, Jack? After we’ve come this far, you’re going to crack open a can of fuck you?

Ace: It’s weird havin’ people actually like you.
Jack: Someday, you’ll have to let me know how that feels.

Gully: Cheese and crow. You wanna play fuck fuck? Spin the wheel. I too should have been more granular, so let’s get granular now. Ace’s Blair Witch Project is gonna get his ass kicked my ring next week. End of discussion!
Jack: It’s a slow-burn character, Charlie. He’s not gonna wanna do it!
Gully: That’s your problem to fix. Talk to your brother. And you better book The Condamned win the fucking card next week and pray that I don’t zipline down and fuck him up in whatever whimsical way I feel like fuckin’ improvising at my fancy. I’m trying to fuckin’ work with you guys, man. I’m trying to fuckin’ work together. I’m trying to be a fuckin’ partner. You’re not makin’ it fuckin’ easy. Fuck you!

Jack: How’d I know you were going to give yourself a starring role in all this?
Rooster: I knew you weren’t gonna give me one. It’s an every man for hisself type of world.

Ace: Jack, you know what I realized on this trip? After several disturbing interactions? I’m not good at making’ new friends. I haven’t made a new friend in years. Makin’ friends was never hard because I was always a part of a team. I had like insta-friends, guys I met through sports. Everyone kind of had to be my friend.
Jack: That’s not true.
Ace: Don’t tell me that. I do bad shit. I say dumb things. I do dumb things. I broke Bobby’s leg. I left the DWL because no one really likes me. I’m gone because any other promotion would have run me out of town.
Jack: We’re not any other promotion.
Ace: But the worst thing I’ve done? The worst thing I’ve done is I told you you were gonna stay in Duffy and kill yourself like Dad.
Jack: That’s forgotten.
Ace: I’m remindin’ you. I’m that guy. I’m the guy who said that. What kind of guy says that to his brother? Me.
Jack: It’s in the past. Don’t matter.
Ace: Everything that came to me after that statement, I set in motion.
Jack: That’s not true.
Ace: Yes, it is. And yeah, you were kinda dickish about the belt, but I didn’t have to say that, and yet I did. I did it because I’m a selfish fuck who was praised his whole life for sports, and now that sports are over, I don’t know what the fuck to do when I don’t get it.

Jack: Dad killin’ himself fucked me up more than I care to admit. More than I thought. I loved him so much. I hated him so much. And I glossed over all that ‘cause I couldn’t change it. The love, the hate, the way he was, the way he wasn’t, the way he went out. You and me are trying to survive after finding out Spade men aren’t supposed to survive. We’re supposed to come home and blow our heads out on the back porch and let our sons clean us up.
Ace: Oh, God. That’s terrible, Jack. That’s-
Jack: I am truly sorry for the way that I treated you. Please come home and give me the chance to be a great brother to you.

Come home, please.

Jack: When Bill came to you with that big-time contract offer, I was stunned.
Ace: I wasn’t.
Jack: Not because I don’t realize how great you are, but because I’d come to rely on your talent, your persona.
Ace: It’s dynamic.
Jack: DWL was working, and I could see our shared future together, and then Bill showed up with a golden ticket just for you. I was not prepared for that. You were gonna take your talents elsewhere.
Ace: Just like LeBron, mother fucker.
Jack: When that happened, that, that threw me. I guess it kinda — well, I don’t guess — it knocked me down. I was gutted. Then I was embarrassed that I wasn’t offering’ up congratulations to you. And whether that was desperation or envy or both, what I am sure of is that I-
Ace: Humiliated me.
Jack: I used what I knew as your brother, things only a brother would know, to push your buttons.
Ace: That you did.
Jack: Then, instead of ownin’ up to that like a decent person, I told myself that it was for your own good.

Ace: You were never a bad big brother. Only lately. I’m not a good guy who deserves a great brother anyway. I’m a shitheap all of my own.
Jack: No, you’re not.
Ace: Then you don’t know me very well.
Jack: I know the heart of you. Good uncle, teammate, friend.
Ace: Jack, I’m not a good guy. Farthest thing from it.
Jack: These people loved you before I turned you into a heel. Let me help make it right.

Crystal, you launched yourself into the chaos last night of some festerin’ Spade family drama, and we only weathered ‘cause of you. It’s ‘cause of your guts, your instinct. It’s your heart. I’m grateful for you. Thank you.

Heels Quotes

Jack: That's not fair. You put sex on my mind before church. How dare you?
Staci: Well, after church we can go see a movie. I'll leave my underwear in the car.

Ace: What? You made cuz I said fuck? They loved it!
Jack: We got kids who come to the show, Ace.
Ace: Yeah. To see me! I mean, listen to that!
Jack: When you're in the ring, you stick to my script.
Ace: Ace! Ace! Ace! Ace! You hear that?