[to Thomas] Pajama pants and cowboy boots are a good look on you.


Ace: Do you have to be an asshole to be a heel?
Jack: Are you askin' or are you calling me an asshole?

Ace: Do you think Dad's in hell?
Jack: You didn't listen to mom you're entire life. You're gonna start now?

Jack: Thank you for givin' up your bed. Thomas should be down here.
Ace: Basement's scary. Even now.

Crystal: You're gonna be a great face.
Bobby: Thanks.
Crystal: Ace loved bein' a face, but he wasn't so good at turnin' on his smile. I guess now he won't have to.

Carol: Please sit.
Ace: Dad's burnin' flesh kinda ruined my appetite.

Thomas, your granddad ain't in heaven. He's in hell, where people go when they kill themselves.


Scarlett Jo: You need a trim down there, Bill.
Bill: They don't call me Wild Bill for nothin'. I got untamed pubes.

Ace: Hey. What's it mean when your boots are unscuffed again?
Jack: It means they're a bad partner in the ring. Don't be.

Hey, grateful to have you. You were a big draw when we were kids.


Ace: Of course you're OK with people hatin' you, Jack. It fuckin' comes naturally.
Jack: Listen to me, you shit. You're fuckin' amateur hour out there cuz you don't understand the difference between cheerin' and booin' and generatin' heat! Generatin' heat is your fuckin' job! You'd make a really good heel, Ace.
Ace: Get your fuckin' hands off me!
Jack: What is wrong with bein' a heel?!
Ace: You're the fuckin' heel! I'm the fuckin' face! Dad was a face! Get that through your fuckin' head.
Jack: Dad was a face. Tom Spade was a face. Yeah, cuz he was a good guy. He was a real good guy. [pause] He knew that you were home.

Rooster: Now one thing Jack is right about is you becomin' a heel. Come on. You a face? That dog won't hunt. Not now. You cried in the ring.
Ace: I didn't f...
Rooster: No, no. No. You cried. In the ring.

Heels Quotes

Jack: That's not fair. You put sex on my mind before church. How dare you?
Staci: Well, after church we can go see a movie. I'll leave my underwear in the car.

Ace: What? You made cuz I said fuck? They loved it!
Jack: We got kids who come to the show, Ace.
Ace: Yeah. To see me! I mean, listen to that!
Jack: When you're in the ring, you stick to my script.
Ace: Ace! Ace! Ace! Ace! You hear that?