Jane: Did he just look at my boobs?
Maura: 47% of men look at a woman's breasts during a conversation.

Sometimes you've got to dance with the devil to get a conviction.

He's always eight chess moves ahead. Where do you think you got your IQ points?

Jane: Do you think if I tracked him down in Florida and forced myself to watch him snuggle with his slutty blonde girlfriend I wouldn't miss him so much?
Maura: No. What makes you think she's blonde?
Jane: They're always blonde.

Jane: I see you and Hope geeked out over coffee. That sounds nice.
Maura: It wasn't.

Frost: You look a little naked.
Jane: Excuse me.
Frost: I can see your knees

Jane: What are you doing here?
Maura: Everything I can before Popov shows up pickled.

Popov can't find his own ass unless you put his hand on it.

Maura: It wouldn't hurt you to be charitable.
Jane: I spent $8 on the beer.

Korsak: How was the christening?
Jane: Think of your worst family holiday and multiply it by ten.

Jane: I don't know what to do, do you?
Frankie: Beat him senseless.

That's the priest that Tommy ran over in the cross walk.

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I'll make sure you're around to achieve your dreams, whatever they are.


I dunno. Stuff.