Baxter: I'll take first chair.
Nolan: You? But you're the district attorney. Surely you have more important things to do.
Baxter: Than get justice for a woman who was murdered?

Baxter: The election's coming up in less than a month.
Nolan: Maybe I should take first chair.
Baxter: What's that supposed to mean?
Nolan: I'm not encumbered by the political baggage you are.
Baxter: I don't want to hide, Nolan. I want to win.

Baxter: I want to win reelection because I love trying cases and I love getting people justice. And if you can't accept that's who I am, you can get the hell out.
Nolan: I think you're the one whose perception of me is beginning to affect this relationship. I'm not the one comparing you to Jack McCoy. But there is no point to us debating this. We have a trial to win and Sean Payne takes the stand tomorrow.

Maroun: At least we know Kelton's guilty.
Nolan: Too bad we can't tell anyone.

Scott: Veronica accused me of raping her. She wanted an apology. I refused. I wasn't going to apologize for something I didn't do. She hit me and after that things happened fast.
Nolan: You're gonna need to do more than that.
Scott: I pushed her and she fell, and she hit her head on a rock or something. She started bleeding and I knew at that moment that my life was over. It was her or me, and no one would ever believe my side of the story. So I choked her.

Law & Order Quotes

Bernard: We'd like to see the surveillance footage from last night, if that's possible.
Mrs. King: I'm afraid I haven't used them in years.
Donovan: Your husband is the most hated man in America and you don't even turn on the alarm?
Mrs. King: I'm from North Carolina. We don't even lock our front doors.

Every victim deserves our respect, even the ones that raped 40 women.