You know, I became a lawyer cause I thought I could do some good, fight the system that way. It didn't work out for me. So I entered the Police Academy. I thought I could do more good on the streets, have more of an impact. I became a cop to keep innocent Black men out of jail, not put them in there.


I understand the law, but we have to face that we failed him.


This jury wants to set him free and send me to Rikers in his place.


McCoy: You did nothing wrong. The truth would have come out eventually.
Price: Eventually came too damn late.

Price: Booker didn't mean to kill anybody. The shot came from them fighting over the gun. Foster didn't even die from the wound.
McCoy: You're wrong.
Price: Legally, yes, but ethically, morally... isn't there a way we can charge Man 1?
McCoy: He should have waited for the system to play out.
Price: Why should he believe in a system that failed him at every turn?

Randall Foster would still be alive if we hadn't incarcerated Tory Booker.


Mr. Price, we both know this is my first murder case, and I know you think I'm naive for believing in my client, but I have proof that will exonerate him.

Defense attorney

Booker: I've been trying to say for 18 months that I didn't shoot that guy. I was trying to help him. That's why his blood was on my shirt. But no one wants to hear that.
Shaw: That is what a jury is for. You have to believe in the system.
Booker: Believe in the system? The system is trying to kill me!

Dixon: Hostage negotiator is on the way.
Shaw: We don't need him. I can talk to him. I know him. Sort of, anyway. I arrested him before. I took his confession.
Dixon: And you think that makes you qualified to handle this?

Shaw: If you don't tell us where your brother is, we're going to have to arrest you.
Steven: For what?
Shaw: Aiding and abetting, for starters. Obstruction of justice.
Steven: Do what you gotta do.
Shaw: Stand up. Put your hands behind your back.
Steven: I hope you're proud of yourself. Brother.

Elana: What the hell?
Shaw: We're here to talk about your friend, Troy Booker.
Elana: Why? What happened?
Shaw: He attacked a guard and escaped.
Elana: Good. I hope you never find him.

Woman: Excuse me, are you Nolan Price?
Price: Yes. What can I do for you?
Woman: You can let my son out of jail, stop pretending he's guilty.

Law & Order Quotes

Bernard: We'd like to see the surveillance footage from last night, if that's possible.
Mrs. King: I'm afraid I haven't used them in years.
Donovan: Your husband is the most hated man in America and you don't even turn on the alarm?
Mrs. King: I'm from North Carolina. We don't even lock our front doors.

Every victim deserves our respect, even the ones that raped 40 women.