Price: Since your daughter is representing the defendant, I was wondering how you want to handle the process of this case.
McCoy: I love my daughter dearly, but this is just another case and she is just another defense attorney.

He might have done something heroic, but that doesn't mean he gets a free pass.


We can't become a place where we settle political differences at the point of a gun or where talented men and women avoid public service out of fear for their lives.


Damn. We're right back where we started, with an average white guy as the shooter.


Shaw: Are you aware of anyone who would want to hurt your husband?
Senator's Wife: My husband was a Senator. Half the country loved him. The other half hated him.

Cosgrove: Great. Even the commissioner is getting involved.
Dixon: That's what happens when a United States Senator is gunned down at his own daughter's wedding.

Cosgrove: When I first started, being a cop was something to be proud of. But now, half the city wants police defunded.
Price: I understand.
Cosgrove: Do you? Because I almost made my wife a widow the other day and now you're telling me it was for nothing.

So I guess this is not the time to reprimand you for going into a building without backup?


Sometimes it takes getting shot in the chest to realize you got the greatest job on Earth.


Dixon: Happy birthday, Frank. The big 5-0. Can't believe it.
Frank: Yeah, it doesn't feel great, but better than the alternative.

Cosgrove: Look, if I let you jump this barrier, you'll contaminate a crime scene. So I know it's a pain in the ass, but you'll have to go around.
Man: Defund the police!
Crowd: Yeah!
Cosgrove: So nice to be loved in this city.

Cosgrove [upon seeing NFT]: You paid half a million for THIS?
Bret: Damn right I did. This stuff is the future. But it has to be real.

Law & Order Quotes

Bernard: We'd like to see the surveillance footage from last night, if that's possible.
Mrs. King: I'm afraid I haven't used them in years.
Donovan: Your husband is the most hated man in America and you don't even turn on the alarm?
Mrs. King: I'm from North Carolina. We don't even lock our front doors.

Every victim deserves our respect, even the ones that raped 40 women.