Patrick Jane: No matter what happens from this point on, we have to promise each other that we will always look at the bright side.
Teresa Lisbon: I promise.

Patrick Jane: What about your family?
Teresa Lisbon: Oh they wouldn't care. I just talked to them at the hotel. They found the mini bar. They're like cavemen arguing over a dead antelope.

Jane: I can't do this job forever but it's going to be hard to give up.
Abbott: Yeah, it's hard giving up making a difference.
Jane: No, everyone makes a difference. Hard to give up the chase.

Teresa Lisbon: How do you know that?
Patrick Jane: When we're married do you think you might stop asking that question?

Teresa Lisbon: You knew I was going to say yes.
Patrick Jane: Even after all these years you're still a mystery to me.

Patrick Jane: I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me?
Teresa Lisbon: Okay. Yes. Yes.

Teresa Lisbon: You're not wearing your wedding ring.
Patrick Jane: I'm not married.

Well he is stealing blood from a corpse. He's got to be doing something weird with it.

Teresa Lisbon: I need to know that you're not going to run away again.
Patrick Jane: I won't.
Teresa Lisbon: I need to know that you're committed to this. To us.
Patrick Jane: I am, that's why I want to do this.

I came in here to figure out if you were just a fraud or if you were a monster.

I don’t think you’re a fraud. I know you’re a fraud.

I’m working through something and I just need space to think. I can’t soldier on like you, Lisbon.

The Mentalist Quotes

She's a stepping stone to Red John. I knew that from the beginning. I don't have any feelings for her.


We are like the FBI only more conveniently located.