House: Come here so I can talk you out of it?
Chase: Came to say thank you.
House: It's been fun.
Chase: Fun?
House: Sounded pithier than "we've shared a variety of situations."

Chase: It's time to step out of the shadow.
Foreman: It's about time

Chase: I'm looking at her.
Park: Um, I'm looking at him.
House: Good. Now lick your lips.

Chase: I was doing something nice.
House:, that doesn't sound right.

Park: Not everyone is so lucky to have your independence.
Chase: Don't worry. When you lose your family, you'll have it too.

Cheerleaders are the best part of basketball. Without them, you just

Chase: She's throwing her life away based on blind faith!
House: So are you!

Getting knifed doesn't get me an extension?

I think if there's any chance I'm going to walk again it's because House is a genius.

Chase: Taub's daughter is sick.
House: Isn't that the point of having a spare?

Adams: Am I weird?
Chase: Yeah, but you're hot so it's easier to put up with.

[simultaneously] I'll take Taub.

Chase and Adams

House Quotes

Dr. Foreman: (checking out strippers) You know what a "broken cowboy is? It was on House's list of requirements.
Thirteen: I have three theories.

Getting knifed doesn't get me an extension?