I want you to have the life you deserve. I love you.

Sally: Aidan, are you asking me to move in with you?
Aidan: Technically, I think I'm asking you to haunt me.

Confrontation is standing up, looking something in the eye and being honest.

I know you enjoyed kissing me and I was just a random werewolf dude at the time.

Aidan: But why would she do something so stupid?
Nora: Because she's in love with you ya dummy.

Boys, boys, penises down. You need Josh, ya psycho. You need his blood.

I guess I was meant to die with my head bashed in.

Josh? Oh my gosh! Boy butt! Boy butt!

I'm the ghost of Christmas Suck it!

It's like there's no version of myself that doesn't mess everything up.

Not the only difference is instead of two monsters, there's three. What?!

I'm from the future.

Being Human Quotes

Every human spends a night or two on the dark side and regrets it. But what if you only exist - on the dark side?


We're all hiding something, aren't we? From the moment we wake, look in that little mirror, all we do is spin our little lies.