Wu: This is *a lot* of dead bats.
Hank: And yet, I’m not surprised.

Ragnarok brings a huge flood... um, the sky is on fire… and all life gets swallowed by wolves. Which if you’re a wolf, that’s good news.

Monroe: But if you’re right, and this is in some old Grimm book, this could be predetermined!
Hank: We’re talking *fate*?
Monroe: Yeah, in a way. Which of course means *this* conversation was supposed to be.
Wu: ...okay, this is just one big existential migraine.

Hank: I should have gone with him!
Wu: Well, the invitation *wasn’t* really extended to us.
Monroe: Nick was adamant about going solo.
Hank: Well, I’m adamant about getting him outta there!

Well, you couldn’t ask for a prettier place to get brutally murdered.

Nick: I had this… weird feeling.
Wu: What kinda weird feeling?
Nick: *Not* normal weird.
Wu: Yeah, but when *you* get a weird feeling, it’s different from when *I* get a weird feeling.
Hank: I’m gettin’ a weird vibe here, too…
Wu: Okay, now I’m getting a weird vibe feeling. But I don’t know if it’s yours or mine.

Wu: Well, so nobody ever informed you that hunting at night with a spotlight is poaching?
Ralph Rotterman: You think *poaching* is the problem here?! My friend is *dead*!

Hank: The last thing I ever want is to wind up in the ground! I get claustrophobia just thinking about it! Cremate me, spread my ashes over the Willamette River, and let me float free to the edges of wherever.
Wu: You know they have a lot of cows and horses that drink from the river.
Hank: So?
Wu: So what happens if some cow drinks from the Willamette and gets you, too? And craps you out in a field? And then some farmer comes along and tills that field? Next thing you know, you’re buried beneath the cold, dark ground.
Hank: Don’t mess with a man’s afterlife.

Love looks not with the eye but with the heart. Therefore is lost Cupid’s mighty dart.

Nick: Check to see if there are any reports of a naked man in the park sometime last night.
Wu: Uh… this is Portland. I might have to narrow that down.

Renard: You three! My office!
Wu: I’m guessing this will be the presentation of medals.

You don’t wanna go in there. ‘Cause you’re already in there. Might get a little awkward.

Grimm Quotes

Come on let's have a brew. And, by the way, you're paying for that window.


Why can't you look at her ass like the rest of us?