Violet: He recognizes something in me, something that makes him feel whole.
Some talk about the camp David Summit, some chat about how we can't possibly, the Secret Service is... The next thing you know, I have a Presidential Library in Little Rock and there's a legendary picture of me and Bill laughing and sharing sections Of "The Times" while our child plays under the dinner table... And... orgasm.
Naomi: You're really over Allan, aren't you?
Violet: Oh, I got Bill now. Bill's all I need.

Violet: William Jefferson Clinton.
Addison: Huh?
Violet: It's 2010, Bill and Hillary have grown apart, it's nothing he did, just... it happens. We inexplicably run into each other a the Lincoln Memorial, and it's very late at night.
Addison: Oh. My. God.

You guys are so not friends. You are like a corporation.

Violet: Are you going to this Addison thing?
Cooper: I'll go if you go.
Violet: You know what? There comes a point when you're life is set, when you're done with new people. I mean, honestly do I really need a new friend?
Cooper: No, not with me around. I mean I'm a lot of friend. I'm like two double patties worth of friend.
Violet: That's what I'm saying.
Cooper: That's what I'm saying.

Cooper: You listening to Allan's message again?
Violet: I have other messages... from patients.
Cooper: Do those patients ask you to pick up Chinese and tell you they love you?

Cooper: Guys don't keep messages from an ex. That's a woman thing.
Violet: Well, what do you know about women that you didn't get off the Internet?

Violet: Holding on to your virginity for that long? I think it's sad.
Addison: It's not sad. It's sweet. Okay, not being able to have sex with your husband when you want to, that's sad.But the waiting? I mean, what's wrong with wanting a little magic?

Addison: You bought a bike?
Violet: Yeah, it's custom built, it's from Italy, and Allan is never getting his hands on it, ever. I don't care if it costs $6,000.
Addison: You bought Allan a $6,000 bike?
Violet: I... I ordered it last year. It just arrived today... on his birthday.
Addison: Brutal.

Sam: Addison is mad at me because Cooper hired a stripper.
Violet: I'm ignoring the stripper. Today is a day for ignoring things. I am all business today.

Cooper: You're just... you're, uh, you're just honest. That's your fatal flaw. It's my favorite thing about you.
Violet: All right.
Cooper: Come here.
Violet: You want to help me run the bike over with my car?
Cooper: Absolutely.

Violet: Do you have a hacksaw?
Cooper: Is this helping?
Violet: Yeah. Yeah, actually. It's very therapeutic. Oh, damn it. I am so full of crap. I went over to allan's with the bike. But he'd already gotten one... from Cami.

Violet: Cooper, how do you even
know how to find a stripper?
Cooper: Ginger is not a stripper.
She's an entertainer.
Violet: What does that even mean?

Private Practice Quotes

Sheldon: Grief has its own timeline.
Addison: Wait, wait...what does that mean?
Sheldon: When you can't get off until the ride stops.

Pain is what forces us to grow.


Private Practice Music

  Song Artist
Song Lost The Mary Onettes
Down in the valley Down In The Valley The Broken West iTunes
Song Message From Yuz The Switches