Kelly's little brother: Daddy, Kelly's jerking off another boy in the car!
Turtle: What are you talking about jerking off? We're just kissing!
Turtle [to Kelly]: And what does he mean by "another" one?
Kelly: I'd better go

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Entourage Season 3 Episode 19: "The Prince's Bride"
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Entourage Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Drama: Tommy's gonna be in Rush Hour 3 and I'm not!? Jesus Christ.
Lloyd: Be happy for him, Drama... Karma.
Drama: Fuck Karma, I don't need Karma.
Loyd: What do you need, Johnny?
Drama: I need to be in Rush Hour 3

Drama: I dropped your name to Brett.
Tommy: Really?
Drama: Yeah, and Chris and Jackie too. Anyway, you might wanna keep your cell phone on, 'cause we might be traveling to Paris together.
Tommy: Holy shit! Are you serious? I don't even know what to say.
Drama: I do. Say if you get it, the plane tickets are on you.
Tommy: Absolutely