Mary Louise: You're a mess, Celeste. And until you're better, we just have to think about protecting the wellbeing of our boys. We should at least agree on that, hmm?
Celeste: My boys will not be going to live with you.
Mary Louise: But they're at risk here. They're at risk in your care. And I'm their grandmother, and I will not forsake them. And I will not forsake what I know Perry would want me to do for them.
Celeste: I need you to get out of here. Right now.
Mary Louise: We can calmly...
Celeste: No, no.
Mary Louise: Celeste...
Celeste: Get the fuck out of here!

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Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 4: "She Knows"
Big Little Lies
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Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

It's better than sitting around the penniless losers as if that's not us.


Renata: What are you doing?
Madeline: Smoking. I hate smoking.
Renata: Nobody smokes anymore.
Madeline: I'm just trying to manage my stress.