I could hear Henry’s thoughts in my head. He had no idea what was going on. He was screaming for it to stop. He was so scared, and I was scared too. I could feel everything he felt. He was lonely, confused, sad. I wasn’t expecting that. He’s not like Cindy or even like his father. I know what he did to Yolanda was awful. I want to ask him to help us. I know it’s a risk, but if he can read minds, he could tell us who else is in the ISA.


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Stargirl Quotes

Mike: Good-bye In-N-Out, good-bye friends, good-bye indoor plumbing.
Pat: It’s Nebraska. It’s not Siberia, Mike.
Mike: I looked this place up on Google Earth. Blue Valley doesn’t have jack.
Pat: It’s got fresh air, it’s got friendly people, it’s got schools without metal detectors. The thing is I need your help with this move, OK. I need you to be positive.
Mike: Positive? I am positive.
Pat: Great.
Mike: I’m positive this place will blow ass.

Starman: No, no, it’s over. The Justice Society must live on. Its legacy must survive. Someone with honor and strength must carry the torch.
Pat: I’ll try.
Starman: Not you. Someone with grace and heroism. I mean, you can’t do it. But someone out there will. It’s definitely not you. Pat, you’re a good friend.