Dr. Reid: Her maternal rights must've been terminated.
Garcia: Yeah, that happens when you have sex with one of your high school students two years ago. His name is Thomas Brown, aka Tommy Brown, and he is little Johnny's baby daddy. Like, for real.
Agent Hotchner: Teacher Love syndrome.
Garcia: She gave birth to Tommy's baby in jail, and then when Tommy's mom refused to raise it, the baby was put in foster care.

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Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 17: "I Love You, Tommy Brown"
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Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 17 Quotes

Dr. Reid: You know these crimes seem to lack the emotionality that we typically see in personal cause homicides.
JJ: Most executions are criminal enterprise related.
Dr. Reid: But the probability of these couples being involved in the exact same illegal activity is kind of low.
Agent Morgan: There's no way these were random victims of opportunity.

Kevin: Look, I know you're Penelope's boo and she's your baby girl. And what I'm about to embark on involves the keen insight of somebody who knows her inside and out. And no matter how much therapy I've gone through trying to understand your relationship, I know you're that person.
Agent Morgan: OK Kevin, land your plane.
Kevin: I want to propose to Penelope, and I need your help.