Nic: Two toes down. Pedicures will never be the same.
Grace: Maybe you'll get a 20& discount.
Nic: You know, when you're going downhill, you don't ever think that you're literally going to fall apart.
Grace: (Laughs) Sorry. I shouldn't laugh.
Nic: Really. It's the only thing that gets me through.
Grace: Life is hard. You have to laugh. And then buckle down, take responsibility, and be your best you. You can't just do whatever you want because it feels good in the moment. You have to make choices and stick with them.
Nic: Oh, good lord!
Grace: I'm just saying, life is all about accepting how things are.
Nic: Okay. That's enough! You want me to give up?
Grace: No. No, you misunderstood me.
Nic: No, no, I understand. In fact, suddenly everything has become very clear, so, thank you.
Grace: What are you doing?
Nic; I have become a professional patient. I eat, drink, and crap on a schedule!
Grace: You live in the hospital. It has to be on schedule.
Nic: Yeah, but, is that a life? Well, I can tell you, it's not. No. No. God. I'm getting out of here.
Grace: Okay, well, you can't just leave. You have to get a signed release from a doctor.
Nic: Who cares? I don't care. I don't care. I don't.
Grace: You should. You're a diabetic with chronic renal failure. You're a long-term patient; if you leave, you're gonna lose your bed.
Nic: I don't care. This place is keeping me alive, but I am dying inside.

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Nurses Season 1 Episode 7: "Lifeboat"
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Nurses Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Sasha: Sometimes I wonder if I should have just let that couple take him. I know they were nice. Lot's of money. They seemed happy together. They would have been amazing parents, but I just ... I couldn't do it. And the thing is, he probably would have been better off.
Wolf: You'll never know. You'll never know that.
Sasha: Yeah. The path not taken, right? God, sometimes I even wonder about me. The me that I would be if I just let him go.
Wolf: There she is. What do you think she's got going on?
Sasha: Well, she's in university.
Wolf: Okay.
Sasha: Not part-time. Full-on degree with lots of parties and a cute boyfriend and -
Wolf: I heard he's a douchebag, though.
Sasha: (laughs) Yeah. That sounds about right, given my taste, but um, you know, she's having a blast.
Wolf: You think she ever thinks about that path not taken too? You know, where baby Jay is, and how he's doing? Because I bet she's looking back at you, and she's thinking she is so strong, and she is so brave, 'cause she went with her gut, and now she's making it all work.
Sasha: It's just, it's hard. And my mom keeps calling me, and I'm ike, "I got this, I got this," but, you know, I don't actually have this. I don't have this.
Wolf: But everybody needs help sometimes, right? Even amazing you needs help sometimes. And you seriously need some sleep.

Grace: How strong do we have to be, to face what we face everyday, treating people on the worst day of their lives, every shift?
Patient's Family Member: He has Hep C, 'kay? And he fell. He's sick and you gotta help him.
Grace: The madness of ordinary moments, accidents, incidents, unexpected pain, unknowable outcomes, and the unpredictability of human nature.