Grace: You know, your life plan will always revolve around you, because I'm just a moving piece in it, but that's okay, because for me, I guess, I was using you too to survive.
Kabir: Survive what? What are you talking about?
Grace: But that isn't working anymore, so it's time to try something else.
Kabir: Grace-
Grace: Kabir, we're done. You keep making your plans, and I'm gonna make some new ones of my own.

Grace: Hey, um, are these rumors about him true?
Kabir: What rumors? what did you hear?
Grace: Well, nothing specific, just some nurses at The General have been saying some things about him being inappropriate.
Kabir: God. God. You scared me. I thought maybe something serious had happened.
Grace: What, you don't think that's serious?
Kabir: Of course, it's serious, if it were true. You know I'm all about the "Me Too" stuff, you know that, it's just, it's not really the case here.
Grace: How can you be so sure?
Kabir: Because I've spent enough time with the guy to know. He's a powerful man at the top of his game, and with it being so zeitgeist, crabs are bound to crawl out of the woodwork.

Dev: He loves life. He lives it fast and loose. We had a million conversations about him slowing down, but, uh, I could never get through.
Naz: I know what you mean.
Dev: Look, I ... you look so much like ...
Naz: Nazneen Khan, film star Aaliyah Khan's daughter?
Dev: Yeah, that's right. Wow, oh, okay, um, I was madly in love with you.
Naz: Why did you fall out of love?
Dev: Just distance. You disappeared completely. What happened?
Naz: I, um, I was basically you a few years ago. My twin brother, Amir, who also loved to party, he wrapped his car around a pole.
Dev: Oh, my god, I am so sorry.
Naz: There were a million recovery attempts. The never-ending roller-coaster of the Amir show. And then when the show ended, I needed a fresh start. And now here I am, with one half of me missing.
Dev: He would be proud of you.

Grace: You remember that day at The General when you saw me in the OR crying by myself? Do you know why I was crying?
Linda: Grace, this isn't a path you want to go down; It's a dead-end. It never turns out well for the nurses.
Grace: For the nurses?
Linda: No one ever wins against him.

Vivian: My dad doesn't know about that fight, that the last thing I said to her was ...
Grace: Oh, honey, that isn't your fault.
Vivian: After that I just did what I had to do.
Grace: To survive. I get it. Believe me, I do. But I think everything you've done up until this point has been totally right. Everything. I think sometimes the things that we do to survive stop working. Sometimes they even hurt us. Then, maybe it's time to try something else.

Dev: At every party, he was always the one buying everyone trays of shots. Always wanted to go to the next club, the next bar, keep the party going.
Naz: Well, when someone's in that mode, there's nothing you can do to stop them.
Dev: No, I knew he had a problem. I should have pushed harder for him to get help.
Naz: He was drunk when he came in earlier. I gave him a pamphlet, and I discharged him
Dev: Hey, hey, it's not your fault
Naz: Right back at you.

Dr. Banks: What happened between us the other day, it can't happen again.
Keon: Okay.
Dr. Banks: Not at work.
Keon: So what about other places?
Dr. Banks: Keon, I like you a lot. Don't get smug about it. There is a power dynamic between us that we, that I need to address.
Keon: I don't mind you being incharge, if that's what you're asking.
Dr. Banks: Well, I do. In the delivery room, I have to be, but not in a relationship. It's gotta be 50-50.
Keon: Cool. So we can just take turns being boss in the bedroom.
Dr. Banks: I am a single mother with a busy practice. I don't have time-
Keon: You sure got a lot of excuses though.
Dr. Banks: Keon, we're in very different places in our lives, and you need to ask yourself if you're going to be okay with what I have the capacity to give.

So, being exhausted, overworked, stressed, that's just part of the human condition. And all that matters in the end is how you choose to manage that stress. And how you handle it can either make you a hero or desperate.


Wolf: I'm not sharp today.
Edward: You got like the thousand-yard stare. Did you know that they coined that term during the Second World War and it's a symptom of battlefield exhaustion and stress?
Wolf: Except I am not on a battlefield.
Edward: Oh yeah? don't kid yourself.
Wolf: I guess I've been burning the candle on both ends. Running into financial difficulties.
Edward: Yeah. I mean, well, I think there's only one finacial difficulty: no money.
Wolf: That would be the one!

Damien: Wolf, this is my best friend and the world's worst cribbage player, Sergent Edward Miller.
Wolf: Nice to meet you, sir.
Edward: Hey, he looks like he's in the movie where that kid wakes up in the grown-ups body. Come on, man. Everything's too big for him. The table's too big, the shoes are too big. What's it called?
Damien: Big.

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Veer: Wait! Oh wow! You're ... are you Nazneen? Are you Nazneen Khan? Ha-ha! I got it. Bollywood child star Nazneen Khan. Holy shit! My cousin Dev was in love with you.
Naz: If there's nothing more -
Veer: Of course there's more. You gotta do your catchphrase, the warrior dressed as the baby cow.
Naz: No. Now sit up straight.
Veer: Please, please, please. Yo, Dev and I watched all your movies. You, you didn't help me with the pain. The least you can do, is anesthetize me with your talent. The coast is clear.
Naz: Moo-moo, I love you!

Naz: My patient cracked his collarbone and is in significant pain.
Sinead: So ask a doctor to write you an order.
Naz: That's the thing. I'm worried he might also be a drug seeker. Should I still ask for narcotics?
Sinead: Go with your gut. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.
Naz: I didn't ask about ... ducks. Is that a yes or a no?
Red: Yeah, that, that's a firm no.

Nurses Quotes

For the last time, I'm not sick, I am just dying. And I can walk. My lungs are toast, not my legs.


People say you're only sick as your secrets. And hospitals are full of secrets. Some are harmless, but others, whispered in the wrong ear. Well, they can be fatal.