Sweets: I don't think you're jealous. I think that you're grieving ... what you've lost.
Hodgins: Grieving? As in grief?
Sweets: Yes.
Hodgins: Man, the only thing that cures grief is time. Unless you're recommending a lot of alcohol.
Sweets: I can't really recommend alcohol.
Hodgins: Man, it would be great if you could though, right? (laughs)
Sweets: I recommend time.
Hodgins: So just ... smile and act like a good guy?
Sweets: You are a good guy.
Hodgins: You know, there was a time that I thought that Angela and I would be together forever.

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Jack Hodgins
Bones Season 5 Episode 11: "The X in the File"
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Bones Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Important blogger? Talk about an oxymoron.


Angela: Okay, let's do it your way.
Wendell: You mean talk to Hodgins or...?