I gotta be honest with you. That doesn't sound like me, looking out for a kid. Protecting him so he can grow up, get out, become something. Why would a scumbag crook like Aaron Voss do something like that?


CSI Season 13 Episode 7: "Fallen Angels"
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CSI Season 13 Episode 7 Quotes

Henry: The hair that was buried with the bully. I ran the DNA profile against James Newman. It's not his hair, but it is an alleles.
DB: Hair shares alleles with James so the killer...
Henry: Has to be a male relative of his. Father, brother, son.
DB: James is an only child. No kids of his own.
Henry: Dad in the picture?
DB: Certainly is now.

Eli is always going to need you. He will be back, Tina. But you need to find your way back first.