DB: We know you are James' father. DNA proved that. We also know that you have been providing for him financial in Warrick Brown's name. You remember Warrick right? The guy who was the real man in your son's life, not just some scum bag crook.
Aaron: Warrick wanted to play the hero. So I let him on my dollar. So what?

CSI Season 13 Episode 7: "Fallen Angels"
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CSI Season 13 Episode 7 Quotes

Henry: The hair that was buried with the bully. I ran the DNA profile against James Newman. It's not his hair, but it is an alleles.
DB: Hair shares alleles with James so the killer...
Henry: Has to be a male relative of his. Father, brother, son.
DB: James is an only child. No kids of his own.
Henry: Dad in the picture?
DB: Certainly is now.

Eli is always going to need you. He will be back, Tina. But you need to find your way back first.