Furman: So honestly, guys, what is this all about?
Sykes: I'm guessing one of your clients, Mr. Fuhrman.
Furman: Then this is gonna be briefer than I thought. I don't discuss my employers with the police, nor do any of the lawyers or investigators at my firm. That would be unethical. You know, you should look that word up. Unethical. See what it means.
Flynn: How about if we give the word professional a try, huh?
Raydor: We're probably on the same side, sir. We're looking for Allie King and we heard that you were too.
Furman: Why? Find her?
Raydor: We'll trade information about her possible whereabouts for the name of your client. Allie's boyfriend.
Furman: Him? Well, him I literally can't talk about. I signed a non-disclosure agreement. Sorry. You know, I guess if you'd found Allie you wouldn't be bothering with me, so... see ya.
Tao: I'd tell you to get it all on video but there was nothing to get.

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Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 14: "Heart Failure"
Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Tao: I think the victim's shape is pretty interesting. Tight fetal position... see how her limbs aren't resting on their full weight.
Raydor: Could she have gone into rigor elsewhere? Someplace smaller?
Kendall: Possibly yeah! She's also got a bruised cheek, patechia... bruising on the neck. I'd say strangled.
Raydor: You know, with an attack like this, sometimes there's a scream.
Tao: I'll check 911 reports.
Provenza: So you want to use paramedics, not the coroner's van.
Raydor: She was hidden. I'd rather not attract the news choppers and alert the killer that we've found her body.
Provenza: The clothing. The high heel shoes. The expensive dress. Maybe she was going out on a date.
Raydor: Not with the LA River.

Sergeant: I shot the Lieutenant in the head. BAM! There's no talking after death. And he didn't fall down, either.
Provenza: I didn't come here to hurt myself.
Howard: Wait Stop. Stop. Halt the exercise. Lieutenant, when you are killed in active shooting training you are not allowed to order anyone...
Provenza: That wasn't an order, Chief. Those were my dying words.
Howard: Sergeant, will you reset the scenario for Hollywood Division please? This is a fail. Major Crimes will have to repeat this exercise. Now I hope you'll take this afternoon's written exam more seriously. Lieutenant, are you even listening to me?
Provenza: Um, oh, uh... Sorry. We gotta go.
Howard: No, you haven't completed the exercise. And Chief Davis wants these exercises -
Provenza: We caught a murder, and every now and then we actually have to go out and perform the job that we're training to do.