If you step to me with this macho bullshit again, outside the bedroom, I will take your balls and put them in my purse.

Jenn [to Bryce]

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Claws Season 4 Episode 2: "Chapter Two: Vengeance"
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Claws Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Jenn: Uncle Daddy's gonna trip.
Desna: You got a problem with that?
Jenn: Oh, no. I love to see that man worked up into a lather. After all he's done to me and my family, shit!

Desna: Your poor baby is going to have a batshit crazy mother.
Quiet Ann: At least I can have a kid instead of being a pretend mamma to a grown-ass man and some misfit women.
Desna: At least I got one of them off my tit.