Desna: Why am I always being taken down by the dick?
Ann: Maybe you should move on from the dick.

Sometimes we have to let go of the people we love because it's the right thing to do.

Ken [to Dean]

You are my heart, Dean.

Desna [to Dean]

You confessed? Girl, have I taught you nothing about being a successful criminal?

Polly [to Virginia]

Polly [to Desna]: I just left word with the best criminal attorneys money can buy. We're going to white privilege our way out of this shit.
Jenn: Virginia's blasian. That might not even work.

I am going to sue your white brotherhood asses!

Polly [to cops]

Jenn: Your immoral sister is trying to convince my husband to go to Cuba.
Dean: I have to admit that does sound like her. She has no boundaries.

Jenn: But let me find out that I've been replaced by another white-trash ho ...
Polly: You are the only white-trash ho that I will ever love. Whenever I see some Velveeta Cheese or some Miracle Whip, I'm gonna be thinking about you.

You know what? Des will find a way. Her black ass always does. It's not the first time she's been in a shitstorm and gotten out.

Jenn [to Polly]

Ken [to Bryce]: You're lucky. It looks like the bullet went clean through.
Jenn: Oh, thank Jesus Jim Caveziel!

You know how your people had that underground railroad. Well, so do mine. They'll have me down to Brazil getting lap dances from a Ricky Martin lookalike by sundown.

Uncle Daddy [to Desna]

Look, a gator lurks in the swamp.

Jenn [to Bryce]

Claws Quotes

Desna: How about next time you wait until I got my Spanx off?
Roller: Nobody's got time for that.

Virginia: Looks like I missed the party.
Jenn: You wouldn't have if you were on time for once in your dirty life.